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July 2009

So we did it. We got a Twitter account and will now give the Tweeting a go. I think Lauren and I are still trying to figure it out and how we can put it to work for us. A list of recent Tweets is located to the right of the page, so you can keep up to date from this page if you like. If you want to follow us, click here or search for “NathannaDesign” on Twitter. The username “Nathanna” was already taken so that is not us. Our first few posts might be a bit sporadic but hopefully we will get into a habit of updating with useful info, insights and announcements.

Three cheers for Wigsphere!!!

June 2009

Many thanks to Robert at for the overly kind words about our work and to Adam for the wonderful photo. We are truly honored to be recognized by the local blog superstars (recently voted best blog in Knoxville by Metro Pulse). Check out the article here and support your local businesses!

iPhone site up

April 2009

So we have an iPhone-friendly version of the site and it’s live. I am still learning (or unlearning) how to build a site for the size-challenged cell phone. If you go to the main page from your iPhone or iPod Touch it will automatically take you to the site. It is paired down and still a work in progress. I will most likely be editing and adding to it continually, till I grow tired of doing so.

One cool feature is you can add the site as a home screen bookmark and it places a nifty Nathanna icon to your iPhone. I am not sure the general public would really need a Nathanna home screen icon, but it is there if you need it. I use it as a quick way to pull up work samples to show people when they ask the all too familiar “so what do you do for a living”.

Stickers and Stuff

April 2009

Stickers and Stuff

Thanks goes out to the talented illustrator and blogger Amy Cartwright at Stickers and Stuff for the wonderful post about Nathanna. Check out the post here. Also check back soon on Stickers and Stuff for some of our found vintage illustrations that we finally got around to scanning. Amy will be posting these in the coming week.

Going mobile

April 2009

Currently I am working on a mobile version of the Nathanna website. Since everyone seems to have a iPhone or Blackberry, it only makes sense. Plus it will be a good exercise. I will post a link to the site when the mobile site is up and running. Cross your fingers.

News from Nathanna

March 2009

So this will be the first post to the official Nathanna news page. We set up this page to act as a live update on projects we are working on, things we want to announce, interesting and cool tidbits, and general writing about design and the like. Check this page often to find out what we are doing. You can also subscribe as a rss feed to view in your news reader of choice.

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