Address Changing

March 2013

We have moved!

Our old office has been wonderful to say the least. It’s been our home away from home for 3+ years. But times change and so do our office-ing needs. That being said, we have found an amazing new space. Now if we could just get unpacked and settled…

For those who need to send us mail or find us, here is our new address.

304 West Jackson Ave, #101
Knoxville TN, 37902

Soon, when the dust settles, we will have an open office to show off our new space!


January 2012

Happy New Year! Even if it is a month late! We are still in that mind set of starting fresh, sticking to good habits, turning over new leaves, updating websites? So far so good. Well, at this point it probably doesn’t look like the site has changed much. Behind the scenes is a different matter. Look for new work in to be added to the site, a refresh of the site look, and more updates. Lots to look forward to so stay tuned.

New office, new contact info

December 2010

Nathanna Office OpeningSo we have moved! We are in a new space!

Yes yes, we are working on getting our new space configured and getting settled but it is so good to be in such a great space. The new office is located 514 West Jackson Avenue, #101 in the West Jackson Workshops building, a new space designed by Sanders Pace Architecture. It was an empty shell of an old building until recently. They designed the space to relocate the Sander Pace offices and include a couple of rental spaces, one of which we are in. There is another space in the building that is still available if anyone is interested.

We are sharing the space with some of our friend/business owners. It’s a huge office and we couldn’t have used the entire space. Plus this keeps costs down. Our office mates are Laura Sohn of Mockingbird Events/Public House and Lahla Deakins of Burning Fork Studio.

So if you want to check out the space and hang out we are having an open house this Friday December 3rd from 5-8pm. Come by and visit. We will have beverages and snacks and conversation. The Christmas Parade will be going on downtown but our space is easily accessible and off the parade route. Hope to see you then!

Behind the scenes

November 2010

So it may seem that the Nathanna website has not been loved in a while (which is true to an extent). A cobbler’s kids have no shoes and a web designers’ site is never updated. BUT there has been a lot of things going on. Busy busy busy! We are currently working towards moving into our new office! A new website is in progress with updated work! New phone number! And all this means one thing… we are gonna need new business cards too. See, I told you a lot is happening. We will have more details posted in the coming weeks so check back here or on Facebook or Twitter.

OMG! $6 Camera

June 2010

Ok, so some say that film is dead but I still have a soft spot for those ol’ clunky filmies. Granted to add a photo to this post, I just used my camera on my phone. Anyway, I found this OMG Olympus camera (yes it is named OMG! see photo) for $6 at a local thrift store. It seems to be in working order. Have a test roll of film in it to see. It will need a new battery cause the meter is dead. I did find that makes replacement battery adapters for those discontinued mercury batteries. Fingers crossed to see if this roll turns out. I forgot how exciting the wait is for this processing. I will most likely get impatient and use the new ol’ digital camera. We will see.

For those about to rock…

April 2010

…you should use Dega Catering! And you should also check out their new website and the fancy new business cards we made (see below). Yum!!!


It’s official!

January 2010


So we got to redesign the Knox County marriage certificate! Thanks to our good friend Natalie who mentioned the call for entries for local artist/designers to redesign the current marriage certificate. We submitted a design and it was picked and now in use by the Knox county clerks office. So now if you so decide to get married in Knox County Tennessee, you can get some of our handy-work. You can also purchase a copy of your certificate if you already did the deed. Part of winning the call for entries, we were issued a copy of our marriage certificate (see photo above). MUCH nicer than our old version (I will spare you).

Our pets as Boxies

October 2009

boxiepetsWe have office pets. Three to be exact. Luke the greyhound, Buddy the Rat Terrier, and Jasper the long haired cat. They are all equally responsible for our sanity and for making sure we don’t spend too much time in front of the computer. We would not function without them. Well, recently our dear friend and illustrator/artist Rachel Travis decided to start doing pet portraits of the small and square variety. She started Boxiepets where she has a great gallery of pet paintings all on a  4″ by 4″ by 1″ boxes. Our pets were asked to be a part of her debut show last First Friday (see image). The show was very impressive. She also does larger portraits on request. So email Rachel and get your pets Boxied. For $40, you can’t lose.

Busy, busy, busy!!!

October 2009

Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would take the opportunity to write a quick blurb. Working on a lot of new projects. Some still in process.

Recently launched the new Summit City Lounge website. The best place in Whitesburg, Kentucky to watch some music with a drink.

Currently working on branding and website work for Mockinbird Events and the Actors Co-op. Check back on those websites because they are going to be great!

Info(graphic design)

August 2009

We have some new illustrations and infographics in the most recent issue of the Metro Pulse! This was a really fun project because especially with the main flow charts, our goal was to make the illustrations as confusing as we can while still retaining an organized and controlled look. So what you get is beautiful organized chaos. Take a look at some of our handy work here, or pick up a copy of the Metro Pulse if you see one and are in the Knoxville area.

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